Sometimes it’s the simple things that make life easy. During the lockdown period Sint has been working on adding value to their product range by developing ideas that make life easier for their customers.

Talking to customers has confirmed there are a few areas of real importance to clubs after the first week of re-opening trade:

Count.Me People Counting

One area of feedback from clubs is that the procedures they have developed for customers signing in and signing out are problematic for many venues. The sign-in systems at clubs are accurately counting numbers in but signing out is an issue. The points highlighted by clubs so far include issues with:

  • people cannot scan out whilst someone is signing in causing patrons to wait when exiting
  • when in a hurry for a bus or taxi patrons are refusing to sign out
  • additional staff costs associated with managing exits as well as entry points and additional sign in terminal hardware costs for multiple entry/exit points.

With Sint’s Count.Me software and hardware plugin, clubs can accurately monitor door and room counts by counting entry and exit numbers from each area or room in the venue. This technology ensures live accurate headcounts are maintained maintained as the numbers of customers allowed increases throughout the next stages. People counts are live and alerts can be sent to the Duty Managers based on the percentage of people in each area.

Clubs that are not accurately counting exited members could be over-estimating numbers and turning members away that could be inside spending money

Notify.Me Pagers for every staff member.

Staff in many venues are reported to be hesitant to share pagers and smart watches even though they may be cleaned correctly.

As a means of protecting staff from potential infection, and acknowledging their fear, many clubs are switching to small rechargeable pagers that staff can hang from a lanyard or belt clip. Sint are offering customers who use their Notify.Me paging system an opportunity to switch to these small pagers and can offer an individual charger kit so staff aren’t using large docking stations which may not be regularly cleaned.

Table Service button

Also connected to their Notify.Me hospitality pagers is a new table service button.

Under the NSW restrictions in place each club must have a plan in place to limit the movement of people between dining areas with a requirement for patrons to remain seated as much as possible. Sint’s table service button allows guests to order a menu, get a waiter to the table for ordering, or ask for their bill by simply pressing a button. Notification is then sent to the Notify.Me staff pagers and can be cancelled by them while at the table.

The small wifi unit simply sits on the table requires no wiring, and as it runs on batteries, doesn’t require charging.

If you would like more information on these value-add products call:

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