Any business that runs a restaurant or two will know how important it is to deliver food fast to your customers. Many busy club and hotel restaurants already use paging systems where customers pick up a pager that buzzes when their meal is ready to pick up from the kitchen. The reason they came to your restaurant is because they didn’t feel like cooking and here we are making them work for their dinner, instead of serving them.  Table tracking systems come in handy to ensure that your staff can find your customers quickly, especially when your restaurant is busy or has a large seating area.

What is a Table Tracking System?

A table tracking system is a device that identifies where your customers are sitting, so you can deliver their food to their table. For example, you can ask your customers to place their tracker on their table, and the tracker will send their location to a display in the kitchen or the counter. Or you can use sensors or RFID tags on the tables to detect where the tracker is placed.

Table Tracking – The Benefits

Using a Table tracking System provides several benefits to both the customers (the first priority in hospitality) and the club or hotel (a financial imperative):

  • Your customers can sit wherever they want: Using table tracking allows your customers to choose where they want to sit. They can sit in the restaurant, out on the deck, or in the main lounge – wherever they feel most comfortable. Your staff will be able to find them quickly anywhere.
  • Faster and more accurate food delivery: You can reduce the time it takes to deliver food to your customers as your staff can easily locate them by looking at the display ensuring your customers receive their food hot and fresh.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention: You can enhance the customer experience by allowing them to relax at their table instead of standing in line or looking for staff. You can also increase customer loyalty by providing them with better service quality and consistency.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency: You can optimise the workflow of your staff by eliminating the need to search for customers or call out their names. You can also increase the turnover rate of your tables by reducing the waiting time for customers.
  • Enhanced management and analytics: You can monitor the performance of your staff and your restaurant by collecting data on delivery times, order status, and customer feedback. You can also identify areas for improvement by analysing trends and patterns.

Things to Consider when implementing a Table Tracking System

Sint are hospitality industry specialists who have provided paging (Notify.Me) and table tracking (Locate.Me) systems across clubs, pubs and restaurants in Australia for many years. Their expertise can ensure you have a table tracking system that covers the main points to consider when purchasing a system that is right for your restaurant:

  • Wi-Fi Signal Strength: By far the biggest consideration for any Table Tracking System is ensuring reliable coverage and Wi-Fi signal strength, so it is important to find a company with a background in IT and technical products.
  • Consider your budget: Sint’s Locate.Me Table Tracking System is scalable to fit within the budget of restaurants of any size.
  • Reliability of Service: Sint’s Locate.Me table tracking system uses quality trackers that are durable, reliable, water-proof and serviced by their local factory.

The Locate.Me F&B tracking system takes the guesswork out of hospitality service and tracks your customer, not their table, so they are free to sit anywhere they are comfortable once they order food or beverage. Locate.Me will increase your staff efficiency, and make your guests feel that they are being attended to by a service that is fast, efficient and cares about them, contributing to a more positive member experience at your club and boosting the chance of return visits.

It’s so simple!

Order                    Hand your guest a smart table flag when they order.

Relax                     Guests can wander your venue finding their preferred location.

Locate                   Staff view the location of the guest on any web browser.

Deliver                 Food and drinks are delivered fast and fresh!

To find out more about how Locate.Me can work for your venue contact:

SINT:  Australia-wide 1300 175 994


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