Environmental Monitoring

Temperature/Humidity Monitoring

Are your freezers and fridges working properly? When were they last checked for compliance? Sleep easy with Notify.Me Temperature Monitoring Alerts.

Why risk food spoilage? Sleep Easy with Notify.Me Alerts…

Sound DBA Monitoring

Monitor areas requiring sound level compliance with reporting, paging and SMS alerts.

Lighting Monitoring

  • Monitor Lux levels seamlessly.
  • Monitor Gaming room Lux levels and sensitive areas ensuring light levels remain consistent.

Cellar Detector – Gas Monitoring System Alerts

  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide and /or O2 Oxygen monitoring / Alerts.
  • Designed and Manufactured locally to Australian standard guidelines and alarm set points.
  • CO2 - 1.5% Low Alarm, 3%High Alarm.
  • O2 – 19% Deficiency alarm, 23% Excess alarm.

Sleep easy with Sint.