Hospitality Technology Solutions

Hospitality Technology Solutions

Hospitality Technology Solutions is a consolidation of industry best practice software. The emphasis of the company was to create simple cost-effective software solutions that met customer requirements and improved service delivery whilst reducing costs. Technology can be the answer in many cases but technology for the sake of technology only yields more work for your staff – technology needs to support the staff not the reverse.

Sint looked at what was being currently offered in the market, what was available on a global front and what our customers really required based on their feedback. Gaming providers provided feedback on their systems development path – this ensured our software development was inline with future Gaming Systems features.

The development journey starting with Notify.Me is the most advanced messaging solution available for the hospitality industry.

Notify.Me’s success must be attributed to our extensive features that have been made available by our customers active feedback and continuous product development from our team.

Thanks to our advanced messaging engine integrations with temperature, sound and light monitoring (Enviromon) were possible further keeping our clients updated on their business environment status live. Customer feedback panels and assistance button and voice gateways ensured clubs responded to customer needs immediately.

We are very proud of how far our software solutions have come in a short time and are very excited about what will be available in the future.

The emphasis of Hospitality Technology Solutions is to create simple cost-effective software solutions that meet our customer requirements, improve service delivery and reduce costs.