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Table Location System /
Staff Location Duress

Track guests, not tables – use only zone-based location systems

Searching for guests in your venue can be frustrating, time wasting and can result in a poor guest experience. Our Locate.Me location system takes the guess work out of hospitality service. It will increase staff efficiency and make your guests feel that they are being attended to by a service that is fast, efficient and cares about them.


Hand your guest a Smart Table Flag when they order.


Guests can wander your venue finding their preferred location.


Staff view the location of the guest on any web browser.


Food and drinks are delivered fast and fresh.

Table tracking that couldn't be easier

  • Track guests, not tables.
  • No equipment, no clutter.
  • Scalable for venues of all sizes.
  • Actionable analytics.
  • No charging stations.

Prioritising staff safety

Staff safety is the number one priority when managing staff across multiple locations. Locate.Me solution allows staff to wear a safety tag a simple press button will alert Security, Management or any third party to the area where staff assistance is required.

Staff Tags can monitor environment situations - temperature, humidity, movement or lack of movement - man down etc.

LocateMe significantly improves your guest's overall experience while increasing your staff efficiency.