NG Firewall

Security, Visibility & Control

Untangle NG Firewall is an award-winning unified threat management solution trusted by over 40,000 customers around the world. From content filtering to advanced threat protection, VPN connectivity to application-based shaping for bandwidth optimisation, NG Firewall delivers comprehensive, enterprise-grade network security and connectivity.

Comprehensive Security at the Gateway

Proactively stop malware, hacking attempts, phishing schemes and other threats before they reach users’ devices.

Deep Analysis and Insights

Gain insights in real time from database-driven reports without the need for a separate appliance. See the network status at a glance on the dashboard, ensure compliance with full event logs, and get notifications of network anomalies or unusual user behavior with alert rules.

Next-Generation Filtering

Get a handle on every rogue application, encrypted web request, malware distribution point, drive-by malvertising attempt, and rash of spam.

Superior Connectivity & Performance

Meet the challenges of a remote workforce, branch offices and guest Wi-Fi. Keep users and data safe regardless of location or level of access. Balance competing priorities, ensure Quality of Service (QoS) and maximise uptime while saving the organisation money.

Network Orchestration

Untangle Command Centre gives you visibility into all of your NG Firewall and SD-WAN Router deployments. All appliances can be accessed remotely from a single login and central management view. Zero touch provisioning makes it easy to deploy appliances without physical access. Configure and push policy templates, create global alerts, view real-time information on hosts, and initiate an endpoint security scan.

NG Firewall Apps

Untangle NG Firewall is a platform which includes a growing ecosystem of technology applications, or ‘apps’. This ‘app’ approach to features and functionality makes Untangle NG Firewall exceptionally easy to use by greatly simplifying the UI, and tailoring it for each deployment.


Proactively block malware, phishing, spam, hacking and other exploits from reaching users and devices on the network.


Get a handle on every rogue application, encrypted web request, and attempted malware attack.


Create policies by user, group, device, time and more to control who can access websites, data or applications. Get complete visibility into and control over network traffic.


Ensure network performance and bandwidth for your organisation’s business-critical cloud apps. Maximise uptime and QoS to increase productivity and minimise recreational traffic.


Maintain visibility and control over remote workers, branch offices and guest Wi-Fi. Keep users and data safe, no matter their location or level of access.

Additional Apps

Get expert help from our tech support team. Rebrand NG Firewall to reflect your brand in the administrative interface and on block pages.

zSeries Appliances

The Untangle zSeries appliances are shipped with NG Firewall installed and are ready for easy remote license provisioning and configuration via Command Centre’s zero touch deployment. With best-in-class price-performance, the Untangle zSeries solves seamless network security from branch offices to headquarters.