Hospitality Messaging

Notify.Me is the new standard in hospitality messaging

Many traditional gaming paging systems lack the intelligence required for the new gaming environment. A flexible messaging platform with predictive technology is needed to leverage the advantages of a truly integrated communications technology platform. Notify.Me was developed keeping this in mind, challenging many of the traditional gaming paging systems approach to true communications integration.

People across all industries have become accustomed to being connected 24/7 to their devices and in turn expect the level of service to reflect this.

Customer expectations on service delivery have changed significantly with the advent of personal device technology – the expectation is for service delivered directly to them within minutes. This is truly impossible unless your venue’s communications is integrated and predictive.

Notify.Me’s messaging engines and alerts uses predictive technology to send alerts when specific parameters are reached to avoid the traditional escalation delays based on customer wait times used by other vendors.

Gaming Paging

Now you can ensure that your staff can attend to your guests in the most efficient and timely manner even when you are not at your venue. This is the kind of fluid, dynamic, discrete service that you can provide when your staff are connected through Notify.Me and it is compatible with all gaming loyalty systems.

Beverage On Demand

Notify.Me fully supports all major Gaming providers beverage on demand passing information to supported POS vendors as required. Notify.Me also supports direct printing to the Bar / Café for beverage on demand gaming systems.

Bistro Paging

The new Bistro Paging solution now provides back-of house reporting, enabling the evaluation of service times and staff resources. How long does it take to serve a meal?

Dining Survey / Alert Panels

  • Washroom Survey Panels
  • Cleanliness Alert Buttons
  • Restaurant / Bistro Survey Panels.

Duress Call / Alert Buttons

All key areas of your venue can now have an inexpensive wireless Duress / Call Button to notify staff, supervisor, cellar, bar, cashier and loading dock. All alerts can be escalated. All alert activity is supported by detailed reporting.

In-House Jobs - Reminder / Alerts

Daily tasks can be scheduled for your staff including location buttons for staff task verification. Send emergency messages to your message device or automate messages and events.

Integrated Access Control

  • Acknowledge VIP clients.
  • Assigned alerts to designated attendants for specific members and tiers.
  • Alerts based on secure access to key areas of your venue.
  • All supported by detailed reporting.

Notify.Me has an enviable list of Advanced Features:

Feature Description
Average call time live screen / Alerts At a glance management can view a live call screen which calculates the average response time overall for their customers alerts can also be setup based on the summary call time.
Predictive escalation alerts It's one thing to escalate a call based on the period of the time an it's another to be predictive and send an alert when the call queue hits a threshold.
Person of interest Most paging systems alert specific staff based on levels of tiering etc. Person of interest alerts takes this to a new level allowing notifications to be custom based notifications can be configured upon entry points, sign in systems, Kiosks, Bluetooth App integration not just the traditional card based tiering alerts from poker machines.
Birthday Alerts Rewarding members for their birthday has always been something Clubs promote but alerting staff to when this member is in the venue and wishing them a happy birthday takes this to the next level.
Max time in zone alerts As clubs and Casino’s often have a large foot with multiple areas to service how busy a specific area can get may vary extensively. Notify.Me can monitor individual areas separately reallocating staff on the fly to different zones to ensure all response times are in line with the client’s expectations.
Temperature Monitoring Notify.Me has a dedicated temperature monitoring engine when integrated with Notify.Me environment sensors temperature, humidity, sound and light alerts can be monitored and alerted on instantly via Paging SMS and Email ensuring no loss of perishables. Live Inputs from third party Chillers and Building management system can also be supports via this interface.
Electronic Kitchen Bell alternative Many situations the traditional kitchen bell alerting staff to a meal pickup is not suitable Notify.Me resolves this with an electronic solution which can be configured as a notification light, traditional Bell sound or direct staff via paging of the pickup request.
Scheduled Tasks - Acknowledgment buttons for scheduled Tasks It’s one thing to schedule an event for staff to complete and its another to measure the time taken to complete this task and confirmation that the task has been completed.
Calendar events Can be scheduled days months years ahead ensuring staff are updated on daily events happening with the venue.
Extensive reporting Hundreds of report variations and configurations are available.
Beverage on demand Requests can be directed to Point of Sale Bump Screens, Location printers for Kitchen café etc or directly to Point of Sale interface for member charge back to accounts.
Members Access control integration For carparks and members entry doors allows for alerts to the Notify Me messaging system based on members tier, person of interest and numerous other triggers.
Drivers Licence scanning Interfaces Allows person of Interest alerts based on member and visitor entry directed to appropriate person via paging Sms etc.
Gaming loyalty / Business Intelligence Software integration Many third-party Player loyalty systems run independent of the traditional Gaming systems provided by IGT, Aristocrat, Konami. to ensure critical data is shared across these third-party systems Notify Me has developed a pass thru solution allowing all Paging information to be passed on to any third-party system upon request.
Survey Panels / Customer Feedback To ensure you can provide the best possible customer experience Notify Me has wireless survey panels available for all areas of your business. Toilet survey panels for cleanliness Restaurant and Club survey panels allowing customers to provide an instant simple feedback response on their experience. Messages can be sent directly to paging to ensure feedback and actioned immediately if required or add to the reporting database for later email reports.

Notify.Me – one system for all your communication needs.