NotifyMe Modules

Instantly more efficient service

Let’s say that a guest or patron enters your establishment. As soon as they are checked in, you receive a notification via your smartphone, SMS or paging device. Now you can ensure that your staff members can attend to your guests in the most efficient and timely manner even when you’re not at your establishment. This is the kind of fluid, dynamic, discrete service that you can provide when your staff are connected through NotifyMe.

Paging Watches and Call Buttons

NotifyMe includes Paging Watches for all your staff, Call Buttons for patrons and numerous other integrated devices such as temperature sensing devices. NotifyMe integrates with all your hospitality, gaming and personal devices, making NotifyMe an incredibly powerful tool for your business everything in a single interface, and collating all this into a central dashboard.

NotifyMe can integrate with virtually any device that your organisation uses and is designed to be used across any industry, including:

Better service. Lower costs.

The truly amazing thing about the NotifyMe system is that, while it increases the quality of service, it simultaneously decreases the costs of service and saves money.

With NotifyMe, staff and managers spend less of their time trying to find each other. But most significantly, staff can be coordinated in an harmonious, streamlined manner that previous managers could only have dreamed of.

NotifyMe is a topoftheline paging solution with a reasonable price. But, when you factor in the efficiency gains, it will pay itself off many times over.


An enviable list of features

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NotifyMe Bistro Paging Kits:

NotifyMe is the new standard in hospitality messaging.
One system for all your communication needs.