SD-WAN Router

Untangle SD-WAN Router is a lightweight network edge router providing the ability to route traffic over a Software Defined Network with key SD-WAN features such as multiple VPN links between sites, policy-based routing, and Dynamic Path Selection based on network conditions. 

Untangle SD-WAN Router eSeries appliances feature WiFi and LTE connectivity (AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon), Fiber, and multiple WAN ports to provide multiple Internet paths that automatically fail over to eliminate downtime. The simple and fast VPN tunneling securely connects branch offices to the corporate network.

Application Based Routing

Untangle proprietary predictive routing technology incorporates a sophisticated cloud component to identify applications at the first packet. This advanced technology enables Untangle SD-WAN Router software to form routing decisions on specific applications or categories of network traffic.

WAN Optimisation

Deploying an Untangle SD-WAN Router at a branch office boosts Internet connectivity with traffic shaping and QoS to prioritise business critical traffic. Real-time performance monitoring with WAN balancing leverages the performance and cost savings of inexpensive Internet connections to eliminate the need for expensive dedicated links such as MPLS.

Cloud-based Centralised Management

Network administrators using Untangle Command Centre gain full visibility of all their NG Firewall and SD-WAN Router deployments. The cloud-based Command Centre enables you to view appliance network status and location, important events, reporting data, and push global configuration.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Using Untangle Command Centre, network administrators or MSPs can remotely set up and configure single or multiple Untangle SD-WAN Router deployments without having to be on site. Automatic upgrades ensure the latest security updates and enhancements.

Built-in Firewall

Built-in stateful firewall filters out high risk applications, hosts or URL’s, and drops traffic that can cause harm to the network.

eSeries Appliances

The Untangle eSeries appliances are lightweight edge devices designed for branch office connectivity, WAN performance optimisation, and business continuity. Each eSeries appliance is shipped with the Untangle SD-WAN Router software installed and is ready for easy remote provisioning via Command Centre.