Software Interactive Solutions

Software Hardware Development / Distribution

Software Interactive Solutions was created with a need to secure the hardware and software development direction for our managed IT clients.

Our first-hand knowledge in information technology support in the gaming industry, specialising in security, ensured that we had a clear understanding of the cyber security requirements of our customers and remained at the forefront when it came to technology and security.

The Problem

With a large variety of IOT devices coming online in businesses, many used in circumstances they were never originally designed for, there was a need to focus on essential end point and perimeter security. Protecting these devices from a growing number of security breaches was vital for our clients to shield their fully integrated business software resources.

Our in-house development team ensured anything that was developed by Sint was secure, but that still left a very wide gap when it came to the multiple third-party providers and IOT devices.

The Solution

A suitable product was required and a partner we could work alongside to achieve these security requirements for a wide range of industry’s including the gaming, medical, and manufacturing industries.

After many months of research and testing we are proud to announce our distribution partnership with Untangle to provide the entire range of their security appliances.

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Securing the hardware/software development direction for our managed IT clients.