Temperature Monitoring

Lightning Warning System

This is not an app, it’s not an online weather report, and it doesn’t wait until the weather is visibly overcast to start working.

Our Lightning Warning System detects lightning risk by measuring the electrical fields around your golf course and combining this with breaking meteorological data. To notify your management and guests, it integrates with a plethora of devices. It can send your managers text messages, it can integrate into your club’s messaging system, and it can also sound the siren for guests on the course.

There will no longer be any guesswork, human error or stress involved in safeguarding your players. Constantly checking the weather update will be a thing of the past. The safety of your golfers will be continuously monitored and incredibly precise.

UBIMET’S Lightning Detection Network in Australia

UBIMET owns and operates a nationwide lightning detection network in Australia that forms part of a global network used by hundreds of partners in industries including, but not limited to, Aviation, Infrastructure, Mining, Sports and Event Management. Due to its proven superior accuracy UBIMET’s lightning data is also used by national agencies, government divisions and research institutes around the world.

UBIMET has long standing partnerships with hundreds of golf courses around the world, many of which are in Australia. Partners access the lightning data through UBIMET’s award winning web-based portal, the Weather Cockpit. As soon as the lightning network detects a strike within a certain distance of each club, referred to as the proximity radius, alerts are also pushed to all nominated stakeholders via SMS and email. The alerts are highly customisable, with clubs able to select the size of the proximity radii and even design the system to align with any existing safety policies. Clubs can also customise the frequency of the alerts and can elect to have them sent only during times when players are on the course, which makes the system ideal to use in conjunction with external siren systems. The system is a proven and trusted method for ensuring safety of all staff and players at all times, and for reducing weather downtime.

Our Lightning Warning System removes the guesswork, human error and stress involved in safeguarding your players.