Your network. Your rules.

Untangle is a trusted US-based network software company specialising in budget-friendly but enterprise grade security solutions for small to medium enterprises to optimise their networks while safeguarding their data and devices. The Untangle network security framework provides reliable cloud-managed security and connectivity options that work together seamlessly to ensure protection, monitoring and control across the entire digital attack surface from office headquarters
to the network edge.

Ransomware and phishing attacks are the largest risk to small-to-medium businesses. Untangle are a leader in fighting increasing cyber attacks with over 40,000 customers worldwide and charged with protecting millions of people and their devices. Untangle brings open, innovative and interoperable solutions to its customers through its ecosystem of technology. By partnering with Untangle, SINT can guarantee security and device flexibility in the fast and ever-changing IT industry. Untangle is renowned for its positive attitude to support and development