People Counting Solutions

Count.Me – Predictive People Counting Technology

Count.Me hardware embeds data capturing, stereo vision analytics and deep learning technology into one single device, using the latest generation video sensor for traffic intelligence purposes.

Compared to other sensors, its patented ‘Deep-Count’ learning technology renders it superior in accuracy over time.

Brick-and-mortar businesses and organisations can use the sensor for applications such as people counting and tracking, passing-by and dwell statistics, zone occupancy and hot spots visualisation, distinguishing between adults and children, optimising queue operation, etc.

Besides, the traffic intelligence data of the sensor the API can easily integrated with your existing systems including Paging Business Intelligence and the 3rd party applications such as mobile applications and digital signage etc.

Key Features / Technical Specifications:

  • All-in-one platform embedding data capturing, deep learning and stereo vision analytics
  • Improving accuracy over time in actual scenarios based on patented “Deep-Count” learning
  • Low requirement on lighting (≥ 2 Lux)
  • Distinguishing between adults and children
  • Filtering non-traffic objects like shopping carts, mannequins, shadows, reflections, etc.
  • Support of tilt mounting, flexible mounting brackets for unobtrusive installation
  • Web portal for local and remote management
  • Supports scheduled streaming of digital video output remotely for count accuracy validation
  • API for easy system integration
  • Discrete zones for metric collection
  • Low bandwidth requirement by transmitting across VPN
  • Internal storage stores configuration settings and at least 90 days of data
  • Email reporting daily e-mail and SMS Alerts
  • Fully integrated with Paging for live alerts for customer wait times ensuring proactive customer support.

Our 'Deep-Count' technology delivers superior accuracy rates of up to 98%.